About RadioBGU

Radio BGU,  a novel,  innovative and unique venture, is a kind of  looking glass to  rediscover the living and vibrant panorama we call BIRLA GLOBAL UNIVERSITY .

Radio BGU  is going be  to an ideal medium  to rekindle the tradition of oral communication, through sharing and participation to build a modern “Local Village” where individuals and  groups  reach out  and open up  to one another  reinforcing  the bonds of kinship .

The marvelous world of  Radio BGU,  operating with internet as its carrier, instead of conventional  Radio waves,  is easier to  access and much easier to  participate. The BGU community has now at its disposal a medium  that is open to all  those, teachers &amp; students alike, who wish to give voice to their ideas,  values  or beliefs. It offers an open platform for initiating debates and discussion.  <strong><em>Open to all but  influenced by none</em></strong>.

BGU Radio not only seeks to contribute to the artistic and intellectual culture within the campus, presenting ample   opportunities   to hitherto unnoticed talents, it also tends to satisfy their spiritual and psychological craving.

Program Schedule

Talk: Everyday 7 am & 7 pm

BGU Bulletin: 10 am & 3 pm

Interview: 8 am & 8 pm

Contact Us

Mail : contact@radiobgu.com

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